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Elegant and practical artificial leather boots in a classic design. Extremely good fit choose between two leg widths. Fully waterproof with lining to withstand tough conditions!

Care advice
Take good care of your shoes and boots and they will last a long time! With proper care leather also often becomes better looking with age.

Some boots are meant for riding, not to use as a barn boot. The harsh environment in the stables with urine, etc. destroys the leather and should therefore not be used as a barn boot.

Clean and polish your shoes and boots with shoe polish. Shoes and boots in leather can be lubricated with mink oil or leather grease.

For shoes and boots in leather, nubuck or suede, use waterproofing spray that provides good protection against water and dirt.

The zipper should also be maintained. Brush and wipe if necessary.

Always use boot trees/hangers that protects both leather and zippers. When you put your shoes and boots on and off - always use a shoe horn and boot jack.

If the shoes feel too big, you can put in an insole.

Give your shoes some rest, don't use them several days in a row. All feet get warm and your shoes need time to dry out any moisture.

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