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  • Dressage saddle Normal withers T4 Thorowgood®
Art. nr 320716-10

Dressage saddle Normal withers T4 Thorowgood®


Art. nr: 320716-10

Product info

Created to fit horses with wide backs and normal withers, e.g. warmblood and cob type horses. Perfect for anyone just starting out with dressage and the wide range of details would not disappoint the more advanced dressage rider either. Thin panels help with clear communication of aids. Supplied with two replaceable knee supports to help you achieve the perfect leg position. Supplied with gullet plates (320560) in size: Wide.


Ten years for trees, one year for other material.

Good to know

Removable girth straps

The unique non-slip girth system means that you can easily make adjustments if the saddle slips.

Saddle stuffing

A saddle stuffed with wool, or synthetic wool can need re-stuffing after a period of use. The stuffing settles and can also be affected by the rider's seat and the horse's anatomy. Saddle makers usually state that a saddle needs checking after 6-12 months.

Find the correct tree width! (pdf 584 kb)

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