Measurements and fitting

Measure each hoof from buttress to toe and across the widest part of the hoof after a fresh trim.
Length: From toe to an imaginary line between buttress (red arrow).
Width: Straight across the widest part of the hoof (green arrow).

Regular Boot
Sole length and sole width are the same. This sole may not be suitable for a hoof with a hoof width that exeeds the hoof length more than one size.

Slim Boot
This sole width is 6 mm less than the length for a more narrow hoof. If the width is more than 2 sizes narrower than the length, this sole may not be suiteble.

Combine Cavallo Boots with Cavallo Pastern Wrap for an additional protective layer, see article 610431.

Cavallo Boot
Length/Width 102-109 110-117 118-125 126-133 134-141
Cavallo Boot
Length/Width 142-149 150-157 166-173 182-189    

*Only Big Foot Boot, 610742-10

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