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  • Minimum order value 50 €
Hööks Academy
Logotyp Hööks Academy
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Dispatch in 1-2 days
  • Secure shopping
  • Minimum order value 50 €
Hööks Academy
Hööks Academy

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Embroidery in various colors and styles

We create custom embroidery to yoyr specifications. We also embroider logos (contact customer service for price information).

Most common is for saddle blankets is to have the rider's name on the left side with the option of the horse's name on the right. If you only want to use one name, we position this on the left. Keep in mind that is not possible to embroider where there already is an existing embroidery! Names that are 7-20 characters can also be embroidered in an arch. The arch is adjusted according to the number of characters and style chosen.

We have a large selection of colours to provide the best possible match. Please include information if there is a specific detail (eg piping) that should match, so we can choose the right color thread for you. You can see our colour range here. As screens often have different colour settings, we cannot guarantee that colour reproduction is accurate. Before embroidery begins everything is checked. If there is any doubt, we will contact you.

Order embroidery on the website

If you want to add embroidery to a product when you place an order at hookseurope.com, you must indicate this in the field "Message for customer services" at the checkout. You must specify which product you want embroidered (if you're ordering more than one product), as well as your chosen position for the embroidery, colours, fonts, etc. (see list below). The price of the embroidery will be added to the total cost of your order.

Bear in mind that if you order embroidery, the actual delivery time will differ from the delivery time shown on the order confirmation.
If you order 1-2 custom embroideries, the delivery time will be roughly 1-2 weeks longer.
If you order more than 2 custom embroideries, the delivery time will be roughly 4 weeks longer.

Note! There is no right of exchenge on embroidered items.

When you order - include the following info

  • Note wich item is to be embroidered
  • The text to be embroidered - be careful of the spelling and note whether it should be upper / lower case!
  • Style (A-H) NOTE! Style C and D should not be selected if you want only capital letters.
  • Colour thread, (e.g. match with piping)
  • Placement (left / right / back etc.)
  • Shape (straight / arch - Note! Arch only 7-20 characters)
  • Your telephone number

Copy the list below and use it as a template when you fill in your details.
(One embroidery description per ordered item.)

Item number, colour, size:
Embroidered words:
Preferred thread:

Price example

Embroidery Saddle blanket, one side 10,90
Embroidery Horse rug, one side 15,90
Embroidery Dog rug, one side 7,90
Embroidery Jacket chest 7,90
Embroidery Jacket back 18,90
Embroidery Jacket sleeve (not child size) 7,90
Embroidery Breaches leg 7,90
Embroidery Flyhood 7,90
Brodyr stjärna/hjärta per styckEmbroidery Star / Heart, each 2,90
Embroidery Club Logo 47,90

Contact customer services at phone +46 33 20 51 40, for exact pricing information.

Note! There is no right of exchange on embroidered items.

Brodyr exempel 1
Text - Straight corner
Brodyr exempel 2
Text - Straight
Brodyr exempel 3
Text - Arch corner
Brodyr exempel 3
Text - Arch straight

Brodyrfärg exempel 523   523
Brodyrfärg exempel 1320   1320
Brodyrfärg exempel 1024   1024
Brodyrfärg exempel 567   567
Brodyrfärg exempel 1070   1070
Brodyrfärg exempel 1023   1023
Brodyrfärg exempel 1984   1984
Brodyrfärg exempel 1112   1112
Brodyrfärg exempel 1630   1630
Brodyrfärg exempel 61031   61031
Brodyrfärg exempel 1319   1319
Brodyrfärg exempel 1121   1121
Brodyrfärg exempel 1314   1314
Brodyrfärg exempel 561   561
Brodyrfärg exempel 1619   1619
Brodyrfärg exempel 677   677
Brodyrfärg 1059   1059
Brodyrfärg exempel 1384   1384
Brodyrfärg exempel 1043   1043
Brodyrfärg exempel 1846   1846
Brodyrfärg exempel 61253   61253
Brodyrfärg exempel 1029   1029
Brodyrfärg exempel 1895   1895
Brodyrfärg exempel 1093   1093
Brodyrfärg exempel 1167   1167
Brodyrfärg exempel 1306   1306
Brodyrfärg exempel 1011   1011
Brodyrfärg exempel 1236   1236
Brodyrfärg exempel 1060   1060
Brodyrfärg exempel 1351   1351
Brodyrfärg exempel 1212   1212
Brodyrfärg exempel 1100   1100
Brodyrfärg exempel 1276   1276
Brodyrfärg exempel 1249   1249
Brodyrfärg exempel 1250   1250
Brodyrfärg exempel 1946   1946
Brodyrfärg exempel 1701   1701
Brodyrfärg exempel 1823   1823
Brodyrfärg exempel 1909   1909
Brodyrfärg exempel 1000   1000
Brodyrfärg exempel 1001   1001



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SE-501 77 Borås

E-mail:  info@hookseurope.com

Phone: +46 33 20 51 40

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