Hööks Privacy Policy

1. General information

This Privacy Policy describes how Hööks Hästsport AB ("Hööks" or "we"), co. reg. no. SE556158221301, collects, uses, discloses and stores personal data.

1.1 This Privacy Policy applies to Hööks's provision of goods and services in connection with purchase, as well as to other interaction with Hööks, e.g. via web pages.

1.2 You should always feel safe when you provide us with your personal data. This Privacy Policy explains how we ensure that your personal data are processed securely in compliance with relevant personal data legislation.

1.3 Note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to personal data that you supply to any of our partners (for instance by clicking on a link to one of our partners in connection with an offer). We accept no responsibility for our business partners' processing of personal data.

2. Data controller

Hööks Hästsport AB, co. reg. no. SE556158221301, is the data controller for your personal data, and is responsible for ensuring that your data is processed in compliance with relevant legislation.

3. When do we process your personal data?

3.1 In order for you to visit our website, buy our goods or services or request information from us, we need to collect and process your personal data.

3.2 We collect and process your personal data when you buy something from our website or in our stores , use Hööks support, visit a Hööks website or have other interactions with Hööks. The personal data we collect about you is necessary in order for you to enter into a contract with Hööks, and for Hööks to provide its services and offers.

3.3 To ensure that your address details are correct, we update them automatically via third party data update services. For this purpose, we use your personal identity number to ensure we have your latest address (valid reason).

4. Which of your personal data do we process?

4.1 For Hööks customers

We collect and process the following personal data about Hööks customers:

  • Name
  • Identification number (personal identity number and/or customer number)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Payment details, information on chosen payment method and payment history
  • IP address and information about your use of the Hööks website
  • Location information from your mobile devices (e.g. phone or tablet)
  • Information on your purchases
  • Your preferences regarding products and services
  • Correspondence relating to specific actions (e.g. personal data that you provide when contacting our customer services)

4.2 Personal data that we collect from other sources

Besides personal data that you provide to us, or that we collect on the basis of your purchases or use of our services, we may also collect personal data from other sources. The table below shows which personal data we collect from you and the sources we collect them from.

SourceType of personal data
Public address registers or public records providersYour phone number and your address from the national population register
Credit rating agencies, banks or data providersCreditworthiness
Social mediaPictures or comments you have published

5. Why do we process your personal data?

5.1 For Hööks customers

Hööks processes your personal data for various purposes. The main purposes for which we process your personal data are:

  • To comply with applicable legislation, for instance accounting laws
  • To meet our commitments towards you as our customer, for instance regarding purchase transactions and warranties
  • To manage the customer relationship and provide our services
  • Product liability and product safety
  • To maintain correct and up-to-date customer information
  • To carry out general customer care and customer service activities such as answering questions and correcting inaccurate information
  • To provide information and conduct targeted marketing via post, e-mail, SMS/MMS and phone
  • To provide you with relevant information and tailored offers in newsletters and web pages
  • To improve our offering to customers, e.g. by developing our services, products and functions
  • To prevent fraud

Hööks may also use your personal data for as a basis for market and customer analysis, statistics, business follow-up and developing methods relating to the purchase of goods and services.

6. Our legal basis for processing your personal data

Examples of how we process your data for the purpose:
  • We register your membership in our systems.
  • We confirm your identity and age.
  • We administer your payment.
  • We administer and communicate with you regarding any questions or issues regarding your purchases.
Purpose of processing your data:Legal basis for our processing:
To market our company, products and servicesLegitimate interest
To administer and supply our goodsFulfilment of purchasing contracts
Compliance with legislation, e.g. the Accounting ActCompliance with legal obligations

7. How long do we store your personal data?

We store your data for as long as is needed in order to fulfil the purposes for which they were collected and to meet our contractual obligations. After that, your personal data is erased.

8. Who do we supply personal data to?

8.1 If necessary, Hööks may supply your personal data to third parties, such as Hööks's group companies or data processors (parties that process the data for us and in accordance with valid regulations). Hööks may also supply your personal data to third party data update services to ensure that the address details we have for you are correct.

8.2 Hööks may also provide your personal data to third parties if this is necessary in order to comply with valid legal requirements or requirements from authorities, to safeguard Hööks’s legal interests or to investigate, prevent or expose fraud or other security problems or technical problems.

8.3 We will not disclose your personal data to any third parties other than those mentioned above without your consent.

8.4 If all or parts of our business are sold or integrated with another business, we may disclose your data to our advisors and any buyers and the buyers' advisors.

9. Third country transfers

Sometimes we may need to transfer your personal data to the USA. This may be necessary when we supply your personal data to third parties according to Clause 9. We only supply your data to countries outside the EU/EEA if there are sufficient guarantees in place to ensure that your data will be processed correctly.

To protect personal data that we transfer, we first verify that the recipient is certified to comply with the Privacy Shield Principles. Contact us to request a copy of the security measures we take.

10. Amendment of the Privacy Policy

Hööks has a right to amend the Privacy Policy at any given time, and any amendments are communicated via our website and in our stores. If we make extensive changes, we will inform you before the changes take effect. If you do not approve the changes, you will have a right to terminate your contract with Hööks.

11. Protection of your personal data

You should always feel safe when you provide us with your personal data. For this reason, Hööks has taken technical and organisational security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, changes and erasure. For instance, information we hold about customers is stored on a server in a secure environment and in a database that is protected with access management and a firewall. With regard to card payments, we work with an authorised payment service provider who helps us check directly with your bank that the card is authorised for the payment. All information in sent encrypted via a secure connection, and Hööks does not save your card details. Our payment service provider processes your card details according to the PCI DSS international security standards. This ensures a very high level of safety.

12. Your rights

12.1 Hööks is responsible for ensuring that your personal data are processed in accordance with valid legislation.

12.2 Hööks will, at your request or at Hööks's own initiative, correct, de-identify, erase or amend data that is discovered to be incorrect or incomplete.

12.3 Among other things, you have the right to request:

a. Access to your personal data. This means that you have the right, at any time, to request a copy of the personal data we hold about you (free of charge once per calendar year).

b. Correction of your personal data. At your request, we will correct, without undue delay, any incorrect or incomplete data we hold about you.

c. Erasure of your personal data. You can request to have your personal data erased under certain circumstances, for instance if they are no longer needed for the purpose they were collected for. However, we may have a legal obligation to store your data for a certain length of time, for instance to ensure compliance with accounting and tax laws. In that case, we will stop processing your data for any purposes other than to comply with legislation.

d. Restriction of processing. This means that your personal data will be marked so that it can only be processed for certain clearly defined purposes.

12.4 You have a right to data portability. This means that under certain circumstances, you have a right to receive and transfer your personal data to another data controller in a commonly used and machine readable format.

12.5 You always have a right to prevent us from using your personal data for direct marketing purposes by contacting us and communicating your objection. After receiving your objection, we will stop processing your personal data for direct marketing.

12.6 You have a right to lodge any complaints you may have regarding the processing of your personal data to the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

13. Cookies

A cookie is a small text file containing data, which is stored on the device you use to visit a website. Cookies are used to make it easier for you to use the website. Cookies contain no personal information; the data they contain only consists of letters and numbers. Although each cookie contains a unique identification number, we cannot find out any personal information about you, such as your name or IP address, from the cookies we collect. Cookies only contain pseudonymised data, which we never link with any personal information about you.

There are different types of cookies:

  • Session cookies are temporarily stored in your device while you visit our website and are erased when you close your browser
  • Persistent cookies remain on your computer/device until you remove them
  • First-party cookies are placed on your device by us when you visit our website
  • Third-party cookies are placed on your device by other parties (third-party cookies are responsible when you are shown advertisements for products that you have previously viewed or searched for)

Cookies can also be used to analyse your browsing and search behaviour when visiting www.hooks.se. In combination, the different cookies reveal your general search and browsing patterns. The analysis can be used as a basis for our marketing during visits on our website and other websites. The stored cookies allow us to provide you with tailored, relevant information as well as a customised shopping experience. We use a commercial third party provider to customise the content of our communications to make them more relevant and attractive to you.

Cookies can also be used to optimise your experience on our website. For more information about cookies, we recommend you visit the website of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, www.pts.se.

You can always change your cookie preferences in your device settings or browser settings. Go to your device settings or browser settings for more information on how to adjust your cookie preferences. You can configure your settings to disable all cookies; to only accept first party cookies; or to delete cookies every time you close your web browser. Bear in mind that changing your settings may stop our online shop and other services from functioning correctly.

14. Contact details

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, our processing of your personal data or how to exercise any of your rights. Our contact details:

Hööks Hästsport AB
Företagsgatan 58
501 77 Borås, Sweden

Phone: +46 33 20 51 00
E-mail: info@hooks.se

Last updated 25-05-2018