Procedures for handling horses and horse-riding

rutiner vid hantering

Make sure that you learn as much as possible about how horses react and why. This allows you to handle the horse in a way that is safe and minimises the risk of accidents.

Handle the horse with respect and in a safe way and you will both benefit. There are certain things that you do more or less on a daily basis. If you do them in a safe way, you create a calm and safe environment for both yourself and the horse.

Below, there are a few suggestions about how to safely handle the horse and ride in a safe way.

  • Talk to the horse and make it aware you are coming before you go in with it.
  • Get in the habit of leading the horse with a halter and halter strap or bridle, even if you are only moving it from the box to the grooming area.
  • Keep the stable walkway clear of kit and don't let halters that are attached to the tie-up strap lie on the stable floor. It is highly likely that someone will get their leg stuck in the halter.
  • When you put a rug on the horse, begin by securing it in the front at the shoulders and then secure the surcingles and any leg ties. When you take of the rug, begin with the leg ties and then move forward.
  • Learn to bandage the horse's legs in the right way so that the bandage rolls out from the horse if it comes loose.
  • When you are going to lead the horse through a door, make sure there is nothing that the horse can get stuck in. Always walk a bit in front of the horse through the door so that you don't get crushed.
  • If you are leading more than one horse in a line, ensure that a safe distance is kept between the horses, i.e. at least half a length.
  • When you are going to ride your horse, always let someone know where you plan to ride and when you think you will get back. It is a good idea to take a mobile phone.


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