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Fly repellents

Protect your horse from mosquitoes, insects, and flies with the help of fly repellents. In our range, you'll find both sprays and creams designed to alleviate and shield your horse from summer's troubles. By spraying your horse's body with fly spray and then applying cream to sensitive areas such as the horses face, around wounds or abrasions, you can achieve comprehensive protection that keeps insects at bay.

Fly Spray

Fly spray, also known as insect repellent, is a cost-effective and efficient fly protection that you easily apply with a few sprays over your horse's body. Fly spray should not be used near the horse's eyes, muzzle, or other sensitive areas. We offer several brands so that you can find the insect spray that suits you and your horse best. 

Tip! If your horse is sensitive to stronger products, we recommend using a fly spray based on essential oils.

Fly Cream

Fly cream or insect cream works best to protect specific areas such as around the eyes, muzzle, and groin. Fly creams are usually more water-resistant and provide long-lasting protection without bothering the horse.


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