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Fly rugs & eczema rugs

Shield your horse from insect bites, flies, and midges with the help of a fly rug. In our wide range, you'll find fly rugs and eczema rugs from various brands, so that you easily can find the one that suits your horse, pony, or Icelandic horse the best!

Eczema Rugs

Is your horse particularly sensitive to flies, midges, mosquitoes, and other insects, and perhaps suffers from summer eczema or sunburn? Then an eczema rug with UV protection is the solution for you. An eczema rug has more and thicker fabric that provides extra protection against both insects and the sun's rays, unlike a fly rug which only protects against insects.

Waterproof Fly Rugs

There are also fly rugs that are rain-resistant; typically, the back and upper part of the neck are made of durable and waterproof material while the rest of the rug is made of protective fly mesh. Waterproof fly rugs are perfect during the rainier periods of summer when midges and mosquitoes thrive in damp environments.

Ride-On Fly Rugs

If your horse is bothered by flies, mosquitoes, and other insects during rides, you can try a ride-on fly rug, thereby protecting your horse even during training. Ride-on fly rugs are available with neck cover, without neck cover, and some even have a protective part under the horse's belly.


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