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Art. nr 053059-00-00000

Supplements Working Dog Max Digestive Trikem

Art. nr: 053059-00-00000
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Product info

Promotes a healthy intestinal culture for optimum nutritional uptake and a healthy dog. Cleans out toxic bacteria and helps ensure a smooth healthy consistency of faeces. Suitable for dogs with liquid, hard or irregular faeces. Made in Sweden. Dosage: 15 ml/20 kg. 600 ml per bottle.

Product specification

Now with Vari-Layer technology for more warmth and less weight. In an ordinary rug, 80% of heat is lost across the horse's back and haunches. To combat this, Horseware has introduced a new means of distributing the fill in its rugs: the Vari-Layer™ system. With more fibrefill across the back and haunches, Vari-Layer rugs fit the horse more snugly, retain heat more efficiently and weigh less. Layering the fill increases heat retention by 30% while reducing the weight by up to 20%.

Good to know

Improves dog's mobility in the early stages of joint stiffness As your dog ages, its joints naturally become stiffer. Instead of running circles around you on your walks as it did in the past, your dog will gradually slow down and prefer an ambling pace. Its body weight setpoint will increase, while its muscles grow weaker and less adept at supporting the joints. Your dog's joints will become increasingly worn and stiff with age. Hyaluron 365 improves mobility by supplying essential nutrients for joints and muscles which the body naturally produces less of over time. The most important of these substances is hyaluronic acid, a natural lubricant in synovial fluid which protects the joints from wear. MSM, chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine are vital in the formation of new cartilage, ligaments and muscle cells. Many of the joint supplements sold today only repair damage, without preventing further wear on the joints. Hyaluron 365 contains substances that both repair damage and compensate for hyaluronan deficiency, which is the underlying cause of joint wear. Hyaluron 365 has a noticeable effect after just 1-2 weeks. It lubricates your dog's joints, quickly improving mobility. The principle is similar to greasing rusty hinges. Hyaluron 365 is absorbed in the intestines and transported to all joints in the body. Helps your dog when it does not produce enough of its own hyaluronan.


Hyaluron 365 is suitable for middle-aged dogs as a preventative treatment at the first signs of joint stiffness. Has your dog stopped jumping into the car or onto the sofa, or does it take a longer to get moving in the morning? These are signs that its body is producing less synovial fluid. If Hyaluron 365 noticeably improves your dog's mobility, it can also help reduce joint wear and prevent injury. Even dogs that have started limping due to worn joints will often improve significantly after taking Hyaluron 365. This is partly because it supplies the nutrients needed to rehabilitate the joint, but above all because hyaluronan lubricates the joints and significantly improves their function. Hyaluron 365 can be given to hard-working younger dogs to supplement their own production of substances that they use more of during physical exertion.


10 ml daily in food for dogs weighing less than 15 kg. 15 ml daily in food for dogs weighing 15-30 kg. 20 ml daily in food for dogs weighing 30-45 kg. 25 ml daily in food for dogs weighing over 45 kg. Dose should normally not exceed 25 ml, regardless of the dog’s weight.

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