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Art. nr 230080-10

Body protector Point Two Air Jacket Point Two Air


Art. nr: 230080-10

Product info

This protective vest is CE certified and has the market's quickest trigger time – it inflates in just 0.1 seconds! It is designed so that it can be worn with a body protector during competitions. The Point Two Pro-Air Jacket not only protects the back and chest, but also protects the neck against whiplash. When it inflates, it also provides effective support for the spine. Within the first 5 seconds, the jacket can withstand 1 tonne of pressure. It maintains the pressure for a further 4 seconds before automatically deflating gradually over roughly 2 minutes. After this it can be re-inflated and can, in principle, be reused an unlimited number of times. The jacket weighs only 900 grams and is also very comfortable to wear between riding activities. When used with a BETA Level 3 body protector, the Point Two Air Jacket improves protection of the spine by up to 69%. It also provides approximately 45% more protection for the lower back than a BETA level 3 jacket alone. In the event of an accident, the air channels in the vest are inflated by a CO2 canister. Afterwards, the vest can be re-inflated by replacing the spent canister. The vest is supplied with an extra canister. Available to order. Contact customer service if the size you need is not in stock (delivery may take slightly longer).
There should be room to put a fist between the Point Two air vest and the wearer's body/safety vest.

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