How to take care of your equipment


Take good care of your equipment. This makes the equipment last longer and be more comfortable for both you and your horse. Make it a habit to wipe all equipment clean after each session, then it won't take you that long.

All leather equipment; saddle, bridle, headcollar, leg boots, riding boots, or shoes should be wiped clean from dirt with a slightly damp sponge and saddle soap. When needed, you should also apply leather conditioner or oil, to protect and condition the leather. It is also good to use a cover for your saddle, to keep it free from dust. All leather is best kept in a place that is dry and not too hot. Never dry damp leather over a heater as this will cause it to dry up and crack. 

Neoprene and synthetic leather leg boots can without problem be rinsed off with water after use.

Saddlecloth or numnahs should be brushed off after use, and be allowed to dry if they have been dampened. It is important to keep the saddlecloths/numnahs clean, and to wash them often – otherwise the horse could easily develop lumps on its back under the saddle.

Guide to cleaning a bridle

1) Start by completely taking the bridle apart 

3) Use a slightly dampened sponge and saddle soap to properly clean the leather. Remember not to use too much water. If you use a glycerine soap, you should instead dampen the soap and use a dry sponge.

4) Allow the leather to dry.

5) Apply leather conditioner or oil.

6) Polish the buckles and clean the edges of all holes.

7) Rinse and dry the bit.

8) Put the bridle back together.


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