Riding breeches alpha and omega

All riding breeches has it’s own combination of fit, material and function. The fit is the most important thing, it should be comfortable. That’s why it’s so important that you try on a number of different breeches so you will find the perfect match for your shape. Because even though all riding breeches are stretchy, the fit varies. A great tip along the way are that you should be able to move freely, bend your knees and squat.

Quality and features

Our riding breeches are made in different material combinations/functional materials so that you can customize your choice according to season and temperature. Remember that you should like the material, that it feels nice on your body. Then find out the different properties of the material combo. If the pants are in four-way stretch, they have an extra good fit and give you maximum freedom of movement. If you choose a functional material, it is usually breathable, but can also be dirt-repellent, quick-drying and UV-proof.

Some models have some special features. Our riding breeches in stretchy soft shell are for example warm lined with fleece on the inside which makes it a popular winter breech. There are also high-tech riding pants with Icefil® that keep you cool and carry moisture away from the body, Core Control Technology ™, which provides extra support to the core muscles (abdomen and back) and Calf Fit System ™ which provides calf and ankle support plus relieves pressure points and friction in the boots.


Choose features based on what you need in your riding. Silicone / PU are materials that in different ways give good grip depending on the designs they have and where these designs are placed. If the pants are fully cushioned, it can be with Daewoo or silicone / PU. Generally, a full-length trouser gives better grip in the saddle, but most of it is about your own experience and what improves your riding. The half-padded breeches have better grip at the knees while the knee-reinforced has double fabric at the knees and is an option for those who do not want any grip function at all. 


The waist of the riding breeches is usually higher at the back to avoid uncomfortable slips and that it becomes too "choppy" when sitting in the saddle. The seams are strategically positioned so that you do not get scuffs and the leg closures are either in elastic material or have Velcro fasteners, which makes it easy and comfortable to hold the pants in place. Leg length you choose according to what you enjoy with as we also have pants with slightly longer legs. Practical pockets with or without zipper and stylish decor are other details that lift the look.

Riding leggings

Comfortable and flexible variant of riding breeches with elastic waistband and different grips.

Full chaps

More and more riders are realizing how easy it is to become ready for the horseback without having to change clothes. The opportunities for full chaps vary from being a coverall that keeps you clean when mucking and brushing in the stable, dry when riding out in the rain or snow and of course keeping you look good. You don't have to jump off to take them off. Sit comfortably in the saddle and just open the zippers along the legs and the adjustable belt at the waist.

The classic materials are suede and nipple, but today there are also models in warm stretchy neoprene with silicone-cushioned knees for good grip and weather-resistant waterproof nylon that are both easy to carry and bring with you. If you find it difficult to find riding boots that fit, short chaps work well with riding shoes.

Thermo pants

This is the pants that makes it nice to ride out in the cold. Pull them on the riding breeches or over a pair of nice thermo leggings and enjoy the moment with the horse. Our thermo pants are fully cushioned to give the best grip in the saddle. It is lined, waterproof and breathable. The waist is elastic and the seams are taped. The zippers on the legs facilitate when you put them on and off. If you want a lighter version when you’re hanging on the stand or in the stable, try the cover up skirt. Stylish, practical and comfortable warming. Even when sitting on horseback, of course.


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